B800FS all drives flashing red

Having an issue with our B800FS. One drive went Red & before I could get another drive in all the drives are now flashing red. I did add a drive which is also flashing red. I do have another B800FS that syncs to the main Drobo. I can see both Drobos on Drobo Dashboard but cannot connect to the problem Drobo. Wondering if there are any support options for third party support since Drobo is not an option due to being out of warranty. I did try putting the problem drives in my backup Drobo but they continued to flash red. Big problem, any help is appreciated.

I have a very similar problem with my 5N (see the thread "I think I just lost 20T of files). Mine acted similarly to yours, except that it would be invisible on the network for hours at a time and then come back for no reason. Drobo email support is glacially slow but they do eventually respond in a day or two. After several rounds of this they agreed to replace my unit under warranty. It’s been there now for 5 days and I’ve heard nothing yet.