B8000fs x2 no longer able to access shares


I have inherited support of two B800fs drobo products within our infrastructure. These devices are connected to our internal network and have assigned static IPs. However the users of these devices have now complained that within the last month (they access them irregularily) they are no longer able to browse to the shares.

The network configuration of these devices have been triple checked and are correct, the device IP’s are pingable from multiple end points.

The devices are available in the dashboard app, and all health checks come back green. Devices have been restarted correctly, and powered down and off in attempts to resolve this. All physical lights on the device are green.

I’m attempting to access the storage via Windows 10 (have also tested with a mac, both AFP and SMB protocols). I have installed SMB1 in attempts to get this to work. I have attempted browsing directly to the IP, hostname, and with the named share also - all variations.

Users explained they were able to browse to it previously via either methods;

Have tested this with the share being mounted and unmounted in the “shares” screen on the Drobo Dashboard.

Internal firewalls are not a factor, as we are trusting all devices on our WAN.

Not sure what else to try here, I have a diagnostics report provided from the Dashboard, but not entirely sure what I’m looking for to determine the problem.

Any help has been appreciated, as official support will not assist me due to the products being out of warranty.


Did you figure it out? I am having same issue.

Had similar issue w/ my Drobo-FS, initially thought it was a SMBv1 issue (it was not as I turned it on and still no mounting). So, I turned off the drobo, took out the drives, turned on the drobo w/o the drives, then manually uploaded the firmware to the drobo (via Drobo Dashboard), waited for it to confirm firmware upload, then turned it off and pushed the drives back in then turned it back on. After all this, the drobo-fs mounted and works perfectly as before. Took a lot of experimentation, but this process worked for me. Good luck.