B1200i's disconnecting/rebooting on regular basis

We purchased 3 Drobo B1200i’s and we’ve had 2 of them disconnect from the network on a daily/weekly basis. They require physical hard reboots to come back online. Drobo support determined the first one required a new iSCSI controller card replacement. That has resolved the issue for that one. Now it’s happening again to a 2nd one, and they’re telling us that we’re pushing the Drobo too hard. We use it for a production file server and there is a lot of data on it, but that’s not an acceptable answer.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, how did you resolve it?

We are having a similar experience with one of our B1200i’s. In the last 6 months we have had 11 failures where the Drobo has lost connection with the network and needed to be rebooted. This SAN hosts our Oracle databases and some of the failures occured during periods of low activity. This device is probably about 4 years old and we don’t have Drobo support.
Did Drobo support explain why you needed a new iSCSI controller card?

They haven’t explained why, but we’re now replacing our 3rd 1200i with a new iSCSI controller card. We suspect that Drobo had a bad batch of controller cards. This has resolved our first 2 1200i’s and we expect it to resolve our 3rd.