B1200i Transactional Tiering off

I have 3 x 3TB SATA + 2 x 600GB SAS but Auto Tiering is still disabled. The manual or KB article says either 3 x SSDs or 2 x SAS but it’s not happening. Wonder why? Btw, I do have some Crucial & Intel SSD but unfortunately they are all Sandforce. Too bad. Will try to dump them on eBay.

Might want to take a look at KB 658:
Looks like it’s three SSD’s if you are in dual disk redundancy or you only need two if you are in single disk redundancy (the B1200i chooses DDR by default).

I believe the KB on B1200i performance says nine SAS drives and three SSD’s is the best configuration.

I’m sure data tiering might be possible with SATA and SAS drives but I’m not sure the performance difference is big enough for DRI to implement it. However if you find it is any different let us know!

The data aware tiering feature is dependent on the presence of SSDs. The B1200i defaults to DDR, so you would need three SSDs for the data aware tiering feature to enable. If you turn off DDR, you would only need two. We recommend nine SAS drives to maximize the IOPS, but SATA drives will work. Just make sure all drives are enterprise class drives.

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That B1200i is so noisy that we couldn’t keep it in our tiny office so we are still using the B800i units & some old but new Elites for testing & backups. Besides, both the B800i & 1200i are relatively slower than our EMC/Iomega px12 & a lot slower than our NetGear ReadyDATA 5200 w/ powered by dual Xeon Quad & dual 1 Gig + dual 10GbE.