B1200i setup recommendation

We’re looking to expand our network storage. We’re an all Mac network with limited IT support. The B810n has been good so far but we’re trying to simplify and combine several other devices. The B810n would still be in service.

My understanding is that the B1200i won’t be accessible to every machine on the network, and that we’d need a host with an iSCSI initiator and that host would need to serve the volume to the network.

We’re thinking of using a Mac mini as a server. I like that we can rack mount the B1200i; we’re buying a few other rack components as we wire the office for the first time and get away from our wireless network. We have about 12 machines on the network. The new Drobo will handle some archiving and some shared storage of video assets for an editing lab. The server will also administer and update lab machines and handle directory services so we can finally stop having individual user accounts on every machine.
[]Any suggestions for how to configure this? Can you explain the server setup for a technical non-techie?
]Would we be better off with a NAS? I really like the greater capacity of the B1200i, but would a different Drobo be better?