B1200i - IQN attach

New to ever using drobo… But done iSCSI for decades. Customer asking to retool this older drobo to down to backup to setup a new one for file shares.

I am setting up two HyperV servers to share a single large iSCSI LUN with MSCS.

Normally I would define host objects / entities on the SAN controller and those “hosts” (IQN list) would then have access to that IQN of the LUN. The LUN in cluster mode allowing for SCSI3 reservation control.

I have defined LUN. and per below well done document… NOT used drobo client on hosts… but what I don’t unerstand… is where / how the drobo system is to define the IQN host list to be allowed… and how to exclude others scanning. you don’t manually add it in hosts list… nor does the client have API then to collect from host and “push it” to the SAN controller. So I think this document is missing a step, or their is some other aspect I am missing here.

Without drobo client they cannot scan and connect to the IQN and LUN of the hosted volume.