Available Shares won't mount on FS or B810N

Brought my 2 DROBOs out of storage and set them up at home. One FS and one B810N, I have installed the latest firmware on both units and have the latest dashboard. Discovery found both on my network, show good health, good HDs, and shares available. My Win10 desktop shows both DROBOs on the network. When I try mounting the shares, Dashboard is unable to mount them. When I try to manually mount the shares via Windows Explorer, it can’t find the shares. Both of these DROBOs worked fine the last time I used them. Any ideas what I should try next? Both are out of warranty, so support is non-existent. Thanks

I know it’s been a while, but this might help you or others.

My setup:
Windows Server Essentials 2019
Drobo Dashboard 2.6.4 (downgraded in hopes of fixing it, might work with newer)
Drobo B800i
Drobo connected directly to the server’s built in ethernet port via iSCSI

My solution was to follow this How to mount drive on Windows 10 | Windows Central to force the mounting of drives. The some of the drives I set up would not mount, and could not be deleted. I changed what drive letter they went to, and all was happy afterwards.

In the event of the page above is deleted…
type mountvol into a CommandPrompt window
look for a drive that says it isn’t mapped
then you will have a command that looks like

mountvol e:\ \?\Volume{cb44ea97-8283-4cd0-a4e1-fb3a3a914fdc}\

where the last part is changed to the not mapped drive.

In the case of the FS the thing to try is a replacement unit… if you really MUST have it speak to Windows 10, you’ll have to re-enable SMBv1 on the Windows 10 machine, which Microsoft turned off for very sound security reasons.

I wouldn’t do it except to recover data to a newer NAS that uses a secure protocol, & I’d unplug the internet for the duration.

I know it’s a bit late but for the benefit of others…

i needed to enable smb v1 to get my device to mount the shares on my FS

In search, type ‘windows features’. Click on Turn windows features on or off.
Scroll down the list until you find smb 1.0 /cifs and click on the checkbox. Ensure the checkbox is filled then close the features window.

The shares should now map.

the Drobo FS is hard coded to use smb v1 and windows does not enable this as default.