automount on mac os x 10.6.3?

new owner here and i have a simple question…

how do i get the drobo’s shares to auto-remount on a restart? i manually mount them in the finder, they’re gone when i reboot. I’ve tried setting them up in the drobo dashboard. that doesn’t do it. there has to be a way to have them auto mount, isn’t there?


They should be auto-mounting.

Try Go > connect to server > smb://drobofsname/volumename

You can drag the mounted share into the Login Items list in your Accounts preferences, and that will get them to mount at login. As far as I know mounts via command-K (Go->Connect to server…) in the Finder don’t survive across reboots.

It looks like the way to do this permanently is a modification to a system startup file via Terminal. I found some links googling “mount smb share startup snow leopard”. I’d encourage you to do the same if you wish to go that route.

NFS is a bit easier as in a terminal you can just
cd /net//
and it will auto mount it.

You can also put a link so you can use this from the finder

ln -s /net// ~/Desktop/

If you did want to get CIFS working on boot then you need to edit the automounter config files.

tried your suggestion jennifer but they still weren’t there when i rebooted… found the following link and it seems to work just fine:


thanks for the tips everyone…

Jennifer, maybe a suggestion, if it’s checked in drobo dashboard, maybe the dashboard should mount it for me…? that’s what i thought it was supposed to be doing.

I tried those directions, but they just didn’t work for me. Could you list what you put in your /etc/auto_smb (but blot out your password if you used one)?


cat /etc/auto_smb
/Users/scott/Movies/My_Rips -fstype=smbfs ://scott:password@drobo/Video/my_rips

i pre-created the /Users/scott/Movies/My_Rips directory with

mkdir /Users/scott/Movies/My_Rips
chmod 777 /Users/scott/Movies/My_Rips

and it’s important you edit /etc/auto_master, here is mine (i added the auto_smb line)


Automounter master map

+auto_master # Use directory service
/net -hosts -nobrowse,hidefromfinder,nosuid
/home auto_home -nobrowse,hidefromfinder
/Network/Servers -fstab
/- auto_smb
/- -static[/code]

just a follow-up note.

after the update. i got the mounts working with afp://drobo/sharename

then i just dragged and dropped the mounts into the login items window in preferences.

now they’re mounting via apple filing protocol, and are restored when i reboot. no need to run the drobo app every time, nor screw around with automounter.

Just a small clarification…

If you put the shares into login items then they are connected when you log in, and not at reboot.

If you logged in as a different user you would not see the shares. They wouldn’t be accessible to any scripts or automated backup schemes until the user with the login items logs in. If you never logged in they would not show up at all.

You may have your computer set up to automatically log you in at reboot time, in which case you may not see the difference, and may not care, but technically they are not mounting at reboot.

If it’s working for you as-is that’s great, I just wanted to be sure that what you are actually doing is clear to all.


this is exactly what i was expecting as well. is it confirmed that the dashboard will not automount the drive on re-boot. despite the fact that checkbox still ticked, etc… ?

that would be unfortunate.


hello again,

i recently installed os x 10.6.6. since, the dashboard mounts the volume automatically as it seems it should.