auto-starting torrents?

I’m looking for a way to automatically start up a bunch of torrents, either when DroboShare boots or periodically over time when the torrents are dropped into a directory. Has anyone already solved this problem, or do I need to write something?

Someone compiled a version of “Transmission” bittorrent daemon that runs on the Drobo. It has a “watch” folder where it is supposed to automatically add any torrent files which are added to it. (i havent used this feature though)

i would definitely like to find out where i can get that port of transmission to run on the droboshare…

I’d be very interested in where that is too.

Look here: Transmission

Awesome! Thanks a lot. Already up and running. Great app.

I do not see a way to configure a 'watch folder in either release of transmission that has been posted here…

Ive no idea if you still need an answer to this, but i just finally wanted this feature setup.

The lines to add to your settings.json file are:

"watch-dir": "/mnt/DroboShares/Drobo/WatchFolderName", 
"watch-dir-enabled": true

Using it in transmission v2.13. Hoping to use it in conjunction with, but havent tried it out yet.