Authorization Failure?

So I have made a change to a volume (see my previous thread re the volume sizing). Rebooted the Drobo - and now when I try and connect I get authorization failure.

I’ve also noticed that using the USB cable is very flakey - most of the time I do not get a connection via the dashboard, to the drobo.

So as it currently stands - I can’t connect to it AT ALL.

Any thoughts?

PS - I am using the MS iSCSI Initiator and the target device IS setup. When I hit logon, that’s when I get auth failure.

Are you connecting via usb to a BACK port on your computer?

Yeah I was - a PC. Just used a Mac and it’s all now fine.

Strange. You can delete my forum threads if they’re newbie questions and cluttering up the top of the drobopro page. I’ll get there :slight_smile: