I have a share on my DROBO for my MacBook Air Time Machine. Most of the time it works okay but maybe once a month Time Machine tells me it cannot authenticate and has to create a new back up from scratch. So I wanted to try something that I had read would work with NAS back up drivers.
I was to use DiskUtility to create an image and name it TM.sparsebundle. It shows up in Finder window but when I try to drop it into the DROBO I get a message window - see below.
I click on OK and nothing happens. The question is how can I authenticate the move?

hi alan, is this from the mac finder itself?
can i check what happens if you copy and paste it onto the drobo?

It doesn’t give me a PASTE option

thanks alan, can you create anything (via another finder window as usual) onto that drobo, such as making a new folder, on that share, (and then to try creating a new “write” document or something similar and trying to save that onto the drobo)?

i thought maybe if it doesnt let you move that file, maybe that particualar sparse file was locked, but if it doesnt let you paste or create anything else there, then its likely a permissions problem…

if that is the case, then maybe a recent idea from sboydman could help, for example as mentioned here:

(or rhyming aside, you could just try saving anything you need on that share, to somewhere elsewhere, and then deleting and recreating that share, and to try again…hopefully without pulling out any hair, if it still doesnt work :slight_smile: