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Having upgraded and now lost the built-in ISCI initiator, I have purchased the ATTO ISCI initiator - but cannot get it to work. Anyone else done this and have the info on how to get this working?



This is what was figured out here, with ATTO’s help: connect the DroboElite to your Mac (this is on a Mac, right?) via it’s USB-management port. Note the two IP addresses it will display within Dashboard - you’ll need those addresses to provide to the ATTO app so it knows where to connect the iSsci initiator. Once you’ve got those IP addresses, safely shut down the Elite and disconnect the USB cable. Reconnect the ethernet cable/s. There should be two ATTO apps - run the one entitled XtendSAN_400 or XtendSAN_354 (whichever you bought) Follow the prompts. Then run the ATTO app entitled Xtend SAN in the Mac’s application folder. Use the IP address/es you obtained above as destinations for the initiator. it should all connect then. This is a quick summary and does not reflect the fact that it took us about a week here to get all this lined up and in the right sequence. ATTO was very helpful - engage them online.

thanks for your help. I don’t doubt it took some time as it has already eaten up load of mine!..I have emailed ATTO - but as yet have not had a response, but I will follow your guidance :slight_smile:


I now have all 3 of the partitions I created mounting on the desktop which is great. But I cannot get the drobo to show in drobo dashboard. There is target that ends in management that is not connected in the ATTO ISCSI, so presumably this is the issue - but I cant get it to connect. What am I missing?



That’s where I wound up - iScsi working and connected, but no volume appears within Drobo Dashboard. Use the OS 10.11 Disk Utility - find the Elite and make an HFS+ volume just like you would with a brand new directly attached HDD that needs to be formatted. No idea why the process kind of fell of the cliff there, but that’s what I did. Working normally since. Still does not show up in the Dashboard, but that’s typical of Drobo . . . they’ll probably fix it in an upcoming Dashboard release.

I’ve just found the answer for this :slight_smile:

Here are the steps -

  1. click on the host ending in management
  2. click on setup
  3. click on the active network node
  4. select visible and auto login
  5. click on security
  6. change target user name from default to - management
  7. type in - Drobo Dashboard (this is case sensitive - and has the space) into target secret
  8. click ok
  9. click save
  10. go back to status tab and click login

All done :slight_smile:

When Drobo discontinued their providing an initiator for their iSCSI products, I purchased Xtend SAN from ATTO. Through many weeks of emails with ATTO, I was successful in getting my Drobo B800i to be detected on both the Finder and the Drobo Dashboard. However, when I upgraded to El Capitan (MacOS 10.11), my Drobo B800i no longer was detected by the Finder or the Drobo Dashboard.

ATTO had informed its Drobo iSCSI customers that an update had been prepared to accommodate El Capitan (osx_app_xtendsan_350v2). I downloaded and installed this version 3.50, and my B800i appeared once again in the Finder, but did not show up in my Drobo Dashboard.

Using the instructions that ATTO had sent me last June, I re-downloaded, uninstalled, and re-installed the ATTO 3.50 initiator several times. However, they did not work this time, and nothing changed—B800i appears in the Finder, but not in my Drobo Dashboard.

Not being a technical geek, I don’t know where the problem lies—with Apple, with Drobo Robotics, or with ATTO. I have queried ATTO to ascertain if ATTO might have some new insights or solutions for me to try. For example, is there another procedure to follow, a new update for the initiator, or would their version 4 of the initiator solve this problem, and if so,would an upgrade price available?

I have read every Drobo forum article, and employed every suggestion that has been recommended. I have queried the Drobo technical support, but my Drobo B800i is out-of-warranty, and therefore they will not respond to my request for help.

If someone has successfully dealt with this problem, I would be elated to hear of their solution!

Thank you,
William Oglesby

We do apologize for the frustration. We will have an update to resolve this issue soon.
I will post in the forums when this is available.

Thank You.