asking for more functionality with droboshare

Hi, it’s taken awhile but I finally figured out how to configure my airport extreme properly to connect to my computer at home via ssh, vnc, sftp etc from outside the home network. Have dyndns account setup and working properly for updating isp ip and resolving address to ip (cool!), all the computers on the network are assigned static local ip address via mac address + dchp and ports are forwarded to my main computer at the moment. Now that I have that all figured out I want to get going with my drobo+droboshare. Currently I have the stock dropbear ssh client app installed and working am able to ssh to it locally. The firmware is updated. It has been assigned a static local ip.

Now I just want to change things such as the volume name DroboShare to drobo,

for some reason I can’t seem to su into a user I created “adamlogan” I get the following error “su: cannot run /sbin/nologin: No such file or directory”

I can’t delete the group “ftpuser”.

Would like to install the gnu core utils but would rather not overwrite things in /bin/ could put the folder in there and change the export $Path but do not know where the shell .profile is or even where to create one as I can’t do printenv or su as adamlogan… Would appreciate it so much if a *NIX guru could help me out and turn my drobo+droboshare into what I had originally envisioned.

You should be able to change the volume name via DroboDashboard.

As for the gnu core utils, I don’t have them installed, however I would think they wouldn’t overwrite any of the default commands, at least gnu wget didn’t, and is contained in a separate folder, thus having to specify the path to the “newer” wget.

If you want perhaps i can install them and see where they go, but im thinking they’d be contained within their own folder, of course could be wrong.