Anyone using Arq to backup their FS?

I love it but it doesn’t seem to work when the disks spin down? Anyone have any suggestions?


Hi George,
(I’m the author of Arq). I’d love to fix the problem for you. Could you tell me more about the problem please? Either here or email me at

  • Stefan

Wow, it’s great to see the author of an application actively monitoring its usage. Kudos to you Stefan!

If I ever get a Mac OS machine, I’ll definitely look into Arq. For now, the best I can do is point my Mac friends to your product.

As for the OP’s problem, with the Drobo FS (and DroboShare) there is a ~10-15 second delay on accessing a share after the unit has not been accessed for a while and the drives have spun down. This can cause some applications to time out on when accessing the share after a long period of inactivity (~15 minutes or so). I’m not sure if that’s what happening for the OP, but it is likely.

OK, but Arq doesn’t use any timeout when reading from disk, so it should wait patiently until the disk read call returns.
Hopefully the OP responds with more details.

OK, if you have any more questions/issues in the future the quickest thing is probably to email me at

  • Stefan