ARGH, Drobo Customer Service sucks!

I’ve been trying to get Drobo to tell me whether I can send in one of my three Drobo 5D drives for repair, and they keep telling me that it’s out of warranty. I KNOW that, and my question specifically asks whether I can send it in for a paid repair. (The fan is making a lot of noise.)

The horrible, horrible customer service is the number one reason I would warn people away from using Drobo.

Can anyone tell me how I can get my fan repaired, and if Drobo doesn’t do repairs, how can I repair it myself?

(For some reasons, the fans ALWAYS go on these units. This is the fourth fan I’ve had go wonky, but the first time that my drobo was out of warranty.)

You could open it yourself and replace the fan. I believe it’s a regular PC fan.

While I won’t go as far as saying they (the staff) suck, but their policy on out of warranty support sure does. I have a client with a out of warranty device, who is completely willing to pay an incident charge to get phone support, and they refuse. Their solution, buy a new device and we’ll be happy to sell you DroboCare on the new device. My client doesn’t have a hardware issue, at least not one we are aware of yet. He has a configuration issue. IF he needed a new device, he would, but why not offer him a paid support call first.

I hate having to post this kind of crap on forums, but Drobo offers ZERO means to talk to anyone and reason with them. Seems their former CEO made himself available, but not the new CEO. Really bad customer service policies. Enough to look elsewhere for RAID solutions.

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I certainly won’t be buying another Drobo when my 5N decides to die, which hopefully won’t be for a while.

It would be useful to know the dimensions of the fan, and potential sources.