Apps won't install onto 5N via dashboard

Hi there - Drobo Technical Support pointed me here to try and answer my problem…

I’ve got a 5N, connected directly to an iMac via ethernet. Drobo Dashboard tells me I have the latest software (2.8.1 [80644]) and firmware (3.5.10 [8.89.80777]).

I want to install the myDrobo and DroboAccess apps, but when I select either from the Drobo Apps panel, and click ‘install’ I get a red error window saying ‘This application failed to install. Please try again’.

Any ideas what I should do next? I’ve got a ‘DroboApps’ folder on the 5N, but no visible share (I gather this is normal with the latest update).


Does your 5N have a route to the Internet? If you are direct connected to the iMac then the iMac will need to be set up as a router for the 5N. i.e the iMac will need to be the gateway for the 5N to reach the Internet.

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Ah, that makes sense - I was having problems accessing the 5N over wifi so I attached it directly to the Mac. Is it easy to set up the Mac as a gateway?

Thanks for the response.


Sounds similar to my problem, how did you fix this?


Mine are installed, but when I go to configure I get a blank screen, and they won’t start. Any suggestions?

I too am having issues installing “mydrobo” and “DroboAccess”. My Drobo5N does have internet access and i have the 3.5.11 firmware installed and the 2.8.2 Drobo Dashboard.

i contacted support, they asked for my log files, and determined that when i had uninstalled drobopic (no android support) that there was a file that was corrupted. it was a conf file within apache, i was able to delete it and restart drobo and all the apps’ are able to work, like droboaccess and mydrobo mysql python transmission plex unrar etc

Same problem here. I am unable to install or update any apps through the dashboard. I see that some people have found the problem to be related to corrupted files. What was the solution? Resetting the Drobo?

I am not running a firewall at the moment, so I don’t think the problem comes from there. Plus the Drobo seems to be connecting to the internet just fine, since I get all the firmare/dashboard updates.

Thank you!

If you have these symptoms:

  • Configuration pages are white
  • DroboApps not starting
  • Recently uninstalled DroboPix

The simplest way to solve the problem is:

  • Mount the DroboApps share (\Drobo-5N\DroboApps). You need to use the admin account.
  • Navigate to \Drobo-5N\DroboApps\apache\conf\includes.
  • Delete the files DroboPix.conf and DroboPixapp.conf.
  • Reboot the Drobo.

Alternatively, reinstalling DroboPix will fix the inconsistency.

Thank you! Unfortunately this does not seem to be the problem. My issue is that I cannot install or update any applications. The ones that are installed seem to run… as long as I don’t uninstall them, in which case I cannot reinstall them again.

In addition to this, I have never used DroboPix.

But just in case, I went to the DroboApps share, and none of the files to delete seem to be there (including hidden files).

Any other thoughts?

hi vinc, can i check if you are using any specific dns settings (such as have you changed your setup to use something specifically?)
for example, one user managed to fix some recent issues as mechwa mentioned here:

Hi Paul, sorry for the late response. You mean the DNS settings within the drobo itself? I have it set to automatic.

i think its something to do with when people can reconfigure their computer (or router) to use a diferent server for dns lookups… i guess if you haven’t specifically needed to do that then you probably havent done that.

there was some info here about an improved way of installing apps, but which version of dashboard and firmware are you using btw?

I am using what I believe is the most recent version of the Dashboard (2.8.3 - 83912) and firmware (3.5.11 - 8.90.81921).

I have used Open DNS in the past, but I don’t believe is set up for my current system. I will triple check.

I will also check out the link that you suggest. I have been able to install some applications manually, downloading the file and copying to the folder, but some others (like Plex) won’t show up.

I will report back as soon as I have any updates.

ok thanks vinc

No luck. I updated to the most recent version of the dashboard that was just released (2.8.4) and checked the DNS settings on both the computer and the server. They are set up as automatic from the ISP. Just to see if it made a difference (for the better of the worse), I changed them to static using OpenDNS. Problem remains the same. Time to approach customer support?

ah ok vinc,
aside from suggesting a full power down and restart of the computer, router, and 5n, (to see if it makes a difference), then yes, it might be time for a support ticket vinc :slight_smile:

(if i think of anything else i post back for you too)

Thanks! I will do the ticket and reply when we find the solution.

Find a solution?