Apps Woefully Outdated


I’ve been a loyal Drobo customer and user since 2010, when I purchased a Drobo FS. I purchased a Drobo 5N in 2015 after the FS had a near-death experience that almost resulted in me losing all of my data. In 2017 I purchased a pair of 5N2’s to take advantage of DroboDR: while I was safe from drive failure, I didn’t want my data to be at the mercy of the enclosure. All this to say, I’ve spent a fair amount of money on Drobo products.

With that said, I have this very capable server box that could do some additional things for me, but its OS and apps are way behind. After my experience with the FS, I am very skittish about going in at the root level and making any changes; first and foremost, these are data backup devices. Perhaps the company feels this way as well, which is why the apps haven’t gotten a lot of love in a long, long time. My challenge is now deciding whether to stay with Drobo, or move to a competitor that offers a better selection of apps.

Consider this a plea to Drobo to improve their app selection! You are falling behind the market.


I agree.