Apple Drobo pro

I just purchased 2 Drobo pros to be used with Apple products.
I have been looking through the Drobo pro forums and see that there is a lot of Windows based questions.
Would it make sense to have one forum section just for Windows and one just for Mac products to save time for everyone looking through the threads?

I think this is because there are twenty times more people running Windows on their computers. However, very few of the issues people are seeing are problems with Windows or NTFS per se, and likewise only a small portion of the issues have to do with Mac OS or HFS specifically. For me, running Windows Server, it has been very useful to read about Mac questions and answers, noticing that many problems are the same regardless of OS.

So I’d vote for keeping OSes together and not forking, and marking your threads with the OS name if you’re sure your question is specific to it, such as how to configure the OS side.

I agree with per. Also, a number of the issues have more architectural roots in Drobo, so the insight is useful for users of both platforms.

I agree also. The cross-platform dialog helps to isolate Drobo problems from OS problems, and most MAc users have a Window platform somewhere also – at least at the office.

@getnukes, what are you planning to do with those DroboPros? I use one at home, connected to a Mini. For us, extra speed is nice, but hardly used. Its the capacity and extra protection that is key.