Appalling media streaming performance...

I have owned a Drobo FS for almost a year, and have never (from day one) been able to get reasonable streaming performance with anything other than FUPPES.

I have a new media player - a Netgear NeoTV 550, which usefully displays the network speed for a particular share. For the Drobo shares I get around 10-20Mbps (that MegaBITS not MegaBYTES!!)

I had the same problem with my previous media player (DVICO TViX 6500a), which although couldn’t tell me the network speed, was unable to stream HD video files from the Drobo FS (with circa 35Mbps max peaks) without extreme stuttering and crashes EXCEPT when I used FUPPES, at which point I could stream anything without problems.

I have never managed to share via NFS as UNFSD just doesn’t work!

I’m just interested to hear other users media streaming experiences with the Drobo FS as mine is soon to make its way to the ‘scrap pile of bad investments’ unless I get this sorted!!

hi blade,
im still on a drobo v1 and v2 (4-slots) and havent tried any type of streaming yet (other than directly accessing things via usb2 to my computer - which works great)… my next project is to try and access drobo data onto my xbox or xbos 360, with or without the droboshare im not yet using , but i recently got the red rings of death so need a new on first LOL :slight_smile:

but, just wondering… if that FUPPES thing you mention seems to work well so far… why are you looking to change it?
(dont get me wrong though - fair comment about asking for others feedback etc, i was just wondering this)

the configuration file that is included with UNFSD will not work out of the box, you need to go in and edit the exports file before it will work. i’ve been using it just fine.
http://nfs.sourceforge.net/nfs-howto/ar01s03.html - for how to setup NFS

any chance you are using torrent to get files on there? I use rtorrent and i’ve discovered it has a bad habit of fragmenting files, a 1.4 gig file was in 22672 pieces on an external drive, can’t check stuff on the drobo to see how bad it was.
i was writing files directly to the drobo as they were downloaded, and the read speed for those files was horrible, now i download to a local drive, then copy them over.
try copying the files off the drobo, deleting the original, then moving the file back on, and see if your read speed improves. also very important to not do anything else while you are testing speed, as any access to the fragmented files kills speed, doing a directory listing for example.

I could get FUPPES to work with my old TViX 6500 media player, but not my new Netgear 550. FUPPES was also a compromise solution; i.e. it was unable to play .iso files, or blu-ray structures, it didn’t support metadata .TAG files, or any sort of cover art, fan art or folder .jpg’s, it also needed to be manually refreshed each time new files were added (by going through Drobo Apps/Admin) before the media player could see them. It was just messy, and after paying a fair bit of money for a ‘simple’ ‘user friendly’ (what a joke!!) Drobo FS, I kind of expected to share over SMB or NFS without major problems, like every other high end NAS owner out there![hr]

Hi Waw74,

Right, let talk then, if you can help me set up NFS, you may just rescue my Drobo FS from being launched into the garden!

Firstly I have tried for almost three days solid, a few months back, to get UNFSD working. I have edited the exports file numerous times to try and get it to work, and manually restarted the service.sh by SSHing into the Drobo using Dropbear. (If I’m sounding like I know what I’m talking about, I don’t - I have virtually no knowledge/experience of Linux).

Here is my current exports file:


Just for clarity, the share name is “Drobo”. I change the exports file by going into the unfsd folder within the DroboApps directory/share from within Windows. I then use Putty to SSH into the Drobo to restart service.sh.

Can you post your exports file, so I can see if I am making a huge error somewhere.

Also, what media player are you streaming to?

Finally, I’m not into the whole torrent thing. My files are straight rips (DVD and blu-ray) from physical media. I have a mixture of .iso files and converted .TS files.


my exports file


your’s looks correct, although they will mount read only “ro” vs mine which is read write “rw”
i have multiple shares that show up as folders in the main NFS mount.

and just to be sure you’re doing the following to restart

/mnt/DroboFS/Shares/DroboApps/unfsd/service.sh restart

this will work from anywhere

as far as mounting from windows, i have no clue, i mount mine from linux and mac.

I have tried setting as Read-Write, but there is no difference - I settled on RO so the wife couldn’t accedentally delete a file using the media player remote!! :slight_smile:

When you are mounting in either Linux or on your Mac, what path (or do you just enter the IP) and share name do you use to connect to the Drobo NFS share?