App Store, Drobo Pix no longer available

Upgraded from iPhone 12 to iPhone 14 and did the usual transfer of all information, apps, data, etc.
Once complete, I was prompted to re-download Drobo Pix on the new phone. For whatever reason the App Store says it’s no longer available in my region or country. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this. I have opened a support request with Drobo but I do not expect any replies.
Luckily I also have a Synology and their photo backup app works just fine. Not sure if this is an “Apple” issue or more of a Drobo issue.

Hello there!

Apple removes apps from their app store if the app hasn’t been updated in over 3 years:

I suspect this is the case for the Drobo apps. My Android apps last got updates in 2017.

Also, you’re right: Drobo support likely won’t answer you. The company is pretty much dead.