Aperture vault transfer

Hello -

I’ve just set up a brand new Drobo 2nd Gen - 2 x 1TB disks.

I copied my Aperture Vault to it - set it off last night - and was very surprised to see it still chugging away this morning.

The vault is 81GB in size.

Is that normal ?

I am definately in FW800 mode (checked in System Profiler).

If that’s expected performance, it kind of changes a few things (like my whole strategy for storing and backing up files !)

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No, that’s not normal. I see 20Mb/sec or so on my FW 800 Drobo S, when I’m writing, and 30Mb/sec reading.


How far is it getting? Is it making any progress at all?

If you give up and stop the transfer, does the data transfer light on the Drobo go out? If something else has decided to compete for access aggressively, like some Tech Tool Pro directory backup, or Spotlight’s mdworker or even (oh horrors) Time Machine, that’ll do it.

Maybe some other device is contending for the Firewire bus. You got anything else plugged into Firewire 800 anywhere? If so, whatever it is, take it off. There aren’t supposed to be problems, but hoo-hah. Experience says otherwise.


Thanks for the reply. I have it plugged into a Graid hard disk drive - daisy chained through FireWire 800 also.

I actualy did a full reset last night to see if that made any difference, but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. One thing though, when I reformatted it after the reset (using Drobo Tools) the first time it started working then lost connection. Maybe a dodgy lead ?? I don’t trust those FW800 connections - they feel like they can fall out at the slightest sneeze !

I know I am being lazy here, but what’s the best way of checking the speed it is working at ?

Thanks again !


Because Firewire is repeater-based technology, it’ll throttle down to the slowest device in the chain. Also, it’s not (in my experience at least) passive, so every device in the chain needs to be powered up or things get weird.

Definitely try testing things without anything else on the Firewire chain. That’s the only way to be certain the test is pure.

Hi -

Thanks again for your reply. I’ve been a tad busy so haven’t had much time to play with the Drobo.

But I have just cloned my servers hard disk to it. It tool 3 hours and 6 minutes to clone the drive, which had 32.8GB of data.

Seemed slow - so I am now doing the exact same clone, but onto my G-Raid FW800 drive. It’s about 3 quarters through, but has only been going for 20 minutes.

Why is the Drobo sooooo sllooowwwww.

Have I got a faulty unit do you think, or is this normal ? I had the Drobo as the only item plugged into the server when I set the clone off.

Any help much appreciated.

Please open a support case.