Apache Problem

Hello I’m having a problem with Apache. I installed it and it it running. put some files into the www folder and it will list the directory contents. some files are accessible but others randomly will say error 403 access denied. i copied them all the same way via AFP. and i checked the permissions on them with ssh they are all Read/Write. any ideas? thanks in advance!

from google searching i figured out there is a 2gb limit to the offical version of Apache. Apache 2.0 fixed this issue. can someone help me compile Apache 2.0? i dont know how to compile things.[hr]
Never mind i was able to get it working using lighttpd instead.

[OFF TOPIC] Hi there, realfolkblues. You just sent me a private message about apache, but you have disabled the reception of private messages, so I can’t send my answer to you. You might want to fix that. :slight_smile: [/OFF TOPIC]

Does lighttpd have this same limitation?