Apache for Drobo

In the DroboApps Repository I’ve seen that there is an Apache App available for Drobo FS. There is also written that this App is just for the FS. Is there also another version or a work-around to get the apache server also on a “classic” Drobo V2?

DroboApps Admin uses Apache on DroboShare, but if you don’t have DroboShare there’s nowhere to run it as Drobo V2 doesn’t have an OS for running apps.

If you’re in the market for a DroboShare, PM me as I have a very gently used (you’d never tell) one to sell…

Thanks for the quick answer!

Sorry, I’ve forgotten to mention that I am also using a DroboShare to gether with my Drobo 2. I have also installed the DroboApps Admin on my DroboShare but I haven’t seen any Apache Configuration Tool or http_root folder yet.

Do I have to configure something to make this available? Maybe you can help me to find it. :wink:

Unfortunately I’m not much use beyond knowing the DroboApps Admin uses Apache and that it serves web pages - I ended up using a machine running Windows Home Server instead of DroboShare, so I haven’t used DroboShare in quite some time.