Apache and PHP weirdness

Has anyone else noticed any weirdness with php and apache? I’ve tried a couple of php frameworks such as CakePHP, Symfony & Kohana and they all seem to segfault php.

CakePHP and Symfony do it straight out of the box which leads me to believe it is either my install of apache or the actual compile of apache/php causing the problem.

This script causes a seg fault to occur on my install, is it the same for everyone else? Oddly enough declaring a variable after defining the constant seems to fix it.


<?php echo "hi"; list($a, $b) = array(1, 2); define("CONSTANT", "seg fault me"); //$stopIt = "this will stop the seg fault"; ?>




For anyone wondering, it looks like it was the app after all. I’ve managed to cross compile a new version of apache and php.

Cake, etc and the above script now works without seg faulting.


does this mean its possible to have the Cake, and still eat it? :slight_smile:

what version of apache did you cross-compile? i would love an updated version that does not have the 2gb limit. i was thinking of writing a web interface for video serving in php but thats a big problem for HD files. maybe you can share your binary?

(off topic) Hi there, realfolkblues. You sent me a private message, and I just wanted to let you know that I have not ignored you, it is just that you have disabled the reception of PMs. So, I can’t send you an answer. (/off topic)

I compiled apache 2. something. I had to jump through a few hopes but I more or less followed this.


Sorry, I’d give you a bit more detailed answer but I’m quite busy right now.