Anyone using Autofs to mount shares?

Is anyone using autofs (on a Mac) to mount the shares from the Drobo?
If so, have you seen a change in bahaviour after firmware 1.21?
With 1.2, I set-up autofs on the Mac and is just worked. After I have installed 1.21, and after I have upgraded the Music streaming software on my Mac, things stopped working. Now I don’t know which one broke my setup.
What happens is this: Autofs mounts the share with the Userid of the first user that needs the share. For whatever reason, this is usually “root” on my Music share. “Root” grabs the share before the Logitech Media Server has a chance to do it. Since the permissions on the share (after mount) are rwx…, only root can access the share.

My guess is that with 1.2, the permissions were different, even if root grabbed the share. It looks strange that the remote machine (from the Mac’s point of view) can determine the permissions of the share, but apparently that’s what happens.

So, can anyone confirm or deny my guess?

Thanks, Martin

I’ve been using autofs for a while and have been having intermittent problems with permissions recently. I can’t confirm that permissions are determined by the first process to mount the share, but that sound reasonable to me. I just disabled drobo dashboard on my htpc. I think DD was mounting the shares before my fstab entries, or conflicting with it some how. thanks for your post. If I find anything new I’ll post back

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Having the same issues. Also I am trying to use NFS to mount my Drobo B800fs but no matter what I do the speed is around 40-50mb/s.

The automount script is not working as it should. I’ve used it in the past with my Synology but the strange thing is that if I had one mount point like “Drobo” and after that “Drobo-1” “Drobo-2” etc. The only thing I need to do is to mount it as an NFS drive to get more speed.

Anyone else having problems with speed?