Anyone Successful With WD 6TB Black Drives

I purchased two 6TB Western Digital Black hard drives. WD6001FZWX. Both brand new from Amazon. When I put the first in my 4 Bay Gen 3, it reported the drive as a bad disk. I also tried the first drive in my Drobo 5N with the same result.

I also tried a USB-SATA cable and never felt the drive spin up. Tried the second drive in the Gen 3 with the same results.

Did I just get two bad drives or is there something special needed to get the bigger drive working in Drobo.



You could have bad drives. Does your USB-SATA cable power up other drives you have laying around?

Most likely bad drives …

  1. Oh note that if you plug in a 3.5" HDD to a USB dock, you need to connect the power to the USB dock.
  2. if the USB dock fails to detect the drives, likely to be a bad one…

WD 6TB Black is work out of the box with Drobo without any special things to be done.

by the way, if you use a usb dock to test out (or use) a large drive, you might also need a usb dock that support large drives, as mentioned on this recent thread: