Anyone received one yet?

Anyone received one yet? or ordered one?

mine arrived today, infinate reboot loop ever since power up . . .

edit after a few hours of trying to get it working/being told id have to buy a new one by the support line I finally managed to fix it.

factory resetting through the dashboard did not work, hardware reset (pinhole from the back) worked, but only when the drives where in . . .

very odd, hopefully no more surprises!

Just got mine. I initially tried the Linux ( http://drobo-utils.sourceforge.net/ ) software, but it doesn’t recognize the Drobo S. The software on Mac and Windows 7 worked great though and was able to see the Drobo S just fine.

I’m planning on playing around with some of the features before I move it in production. Initially I set the filesystem up as Fat32 so I can test things in Mac, Windows, and Linux. I’ve got 4X500GB drives from a old Iomega file server, and I’m copying 1TB of data and it seems to be going steady at 20MB/sec. I’m going to retry the same test tomorrow with ESATA.

Never had a Drobo before, but overall it’s slick and quiet. Iit was cake to setup in every OS except for Linux. And I think that’s because this is a new model and the software doesn’t see it yet. But after format I was able to mount it like normal in Ubuntu.

i got mine yesterday.

speed is 40MB/s via fw800 from the internal hdd of my mbp, 39.5MB/s form a shared pc hdd via gbit ethernet :slight_smile:

40 megabytes or megabits?
Should be the former, but just want to make sure.