Anyone managed to get Firefly server working with Apple TV?

Apart from the fantastic backup facilities of the Drobo, I bought a Droboshare to allow use as a NAS, and was overjoyed to find Firefly as a Drobo App
However, I cannot find a way to connect the shared iTunes library with an Apple TV

Part of the configuration of a shared library is the exchange of a numerical key from the Apple TV, and I cannot see a way of doing this on the Droboshare

Anyone actually used Drobo as a media server with an Apple TV?
If so, did you choose a computer to link to the iTunes library on Drobo, rather than on the local disc, so you could set up the Apple TV in iTunes?

As a noobie, I would be grateful for anyone’s thoughts on this

Thanks in advance

From what I’ve read, Firefly can’t be used with the AppleTV. The AppleTV requires you enter a 4digit code to enable the iTunes server to push content to the ATV. This seems like something Apple is doing to control/limit how its products are used.

I used to have a Drobo/Drobshare and a Drobo/Macmini serving content to my AppleTV. Or course, it was a “hacked” unit to which I installed the FireCore Patchstick. It has an option where you can browse files on remote mounted shared and play them. I’ve never used Firefly. Isn’t it audio only? I’ve since replaced the Drobo/Droboshare with a DroboPro connected to the Macmini. We add new content daily for viewing on the AppleTV/HDTV.