Anyone in or near Reading, UK have a Drobo I could hire over the weekend?

My Drobo v2 (6 months old) has died. Drobo in Germany are sending a replacement, but it won’t be here until Tuesday, and meanwhile I’ve got clients starting to tap their feet and look at their watches for work I’m in the middle of, which I can’t access. My only hope of getting the data (approx 1.44Tb) off the Drobo is if it’s the unit itself which has failed rather than the disks… is there a kind soul out there who would be able to “lease” me a Drobo for roughly 25 hours while I copy all the data onto an external HD? I’ll supply everything - laptop, Drobo disks, etc - I just need the unit. I will pay you for your time and the inconvenience, and I don’t need to take the Drobo off-site - I’m happy to leave the laptop chugging away in your office while it copies everything. If you can help with this, or know anyone who could, I’d be hugely grateful!

Thanks in advance


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