Anyone Have Success Streaming BD Video From Drobo FS?

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Just for interest’s sake. Last night I converted one of the .mkv files (that I was having big problems with stuttering) to .m2ts and, although I havent watched the whole film, it seems to have solved the problem.

It isnt ideal having to do this but I am assuming that this would indicate the problem is at the media player end and not the FS end? However, the FS does seem to be working overtime when the .mkv file is being played[/quote]

But did you change the bitrate? I was doing some further reading and it seems that even on files that (in average) have lower bitrates, when you get to a scene where the codec suddenly jumps to a higher bitrate to keep the quality level, it will cause the WD TV to stutter because it would cross the dreaded 50 Mbps bitrate threshold.

My line of thought here is that if you transcoded and reduced the bitrate (even if inadvertently), then it would support the hypothesis that there is a mythical bitrate threshold that makes the WD TV choke, i.e., we reached the WD TV’s hardware limits.

Otherwise, if just changing the container (and thus, most likely, changing the interleaving of video/audio) can solve the stuttering, then it supports the hypothesis that this is just a firmware bug, that could be solved with a patch.

Now you have got me, i dont THINK that I changed the bitrate but I am not 100% sure on that one. I did it in a rush as I wanted to see if that would solve the problem.