Anyone Have Success Streaming BD Video From Drobo FS?

Has anyone had luck streaming BD-ISO video from a Drobo FS to a set top media box such as Netgear NeoTV 550 or WD Media Hub? If so, are you using a Drobo app? My attempts have been challenging due to stuttering which implies the Drobo FS may not be fast enough to support Hi Def. When I copy files to my pc, I get upwards of 50 mb but when I connect to the Drobo FS from my NeoTV 550, the network shows a connection speed of around 10 mb. Thanks, Deman

Hi Deman

I, too, am using a drobo for video storage. I am currently streaming 720p and 1080p bd-rips with no issues at all (to xbmc), and I have tried some very high bitrate samples too, but no bd-iso’s.

If I remember correctly, blu ray has a max bitrate of 48-54 Mbps, which actually isn’t that much, only about 6-7 MB/sec, and if you are able to copy files at the rate you specify, you shouln’t be having problems with that.

However, what I observed with my drobo was that read performance was, for lack of a better word, crap for a while after I’d copied all my media over, but in a day or two it had kind of settled a bit, and I am now getting something like 32-35 MB/sec when copying files over my (gigabit) network. This is without “jumbo frames”, as I have a mixed network with some 100mbit (“fast ethernet”) devices in it, so JF aren’t allowed. It is still far from “gigabit speed” but it is fast enough for what I’m using it for.

There is one thing in particular that seems to be murder for drobo’s speed, and that is simultaneous access. Make sure you are not writing or reading other files while you are streaming media, and see if that helps. Listing a directory will also give you trouble. Sad but true - it’s a single point of use network device.

So, my advice to you is to let the drobo “cool off” for a day, and see if things improve, and also make sure that nothing else is accessing the drobo in any way while you are trying to stream media.

I was this close to throwing the stupid drobo out the window, but now I am very happy with it, and the only thing I did was wait. Who knows what the drobo did while I was waiting. Rearranging free space? Calculating hashes? Checking the drives? Only the drobo knows :slight_smile:

Best of luck to you!


This may sound absolutely insane, but according to NetGear’s own web site the NTV 550 only has a 10/100 port on it; with that you’re not going to exceed 10MB/sec no matter what.


A bit of a stunning screw-up for a networking company.

Hey diamondsw, You’re correct. I will remeasure the network performance after work tonight and report back. Thanks, Deman


I think the issue is with my Drobo FS as I retested my streaming network last night. Again, the NTV 550 reported around 12 MB/sec for connection with the Drobo FS and the BD ISO files stutter badly. However, I tried streaming a BD ISO from my WD Media Hub (Gig nic) and the BD ISO files play great on the NTV 550 without stutter. So in summary, there is a network issue between the Drobo FS and the NTV 550. It would appear that although the physical connection between the Drobo FS and the NTV 550 is good, perhaps the way the two units speak to each other (ie Drobo OS ?) is the problem. I tried to install FUPPES but could not seem to get it working. I guess I will need to start thinking more seriously about an HTPC option if I want to continue to use the Drobo as a media storage device. :frowning:

Have you tried this version? (Don’t be scared of the compiling instructions… there is a ready-to-use version at the bottom of the page)

I stream 12 gig blueray rips and also blueray isos from my drobo to multiple devices in my house. I have had zero issues. In fact, on my big test, I was able to steam Avatar to:

Apple TV running XBMC
Revo running XBMC
HTPC running XBMC
My Computer
Wifes Computer

All at the same time with out any stuttering or other issues.

Same here, just like FrostyWolf, I can stream full blu’s to three different devices at same time no stutter at all. hell, i can even play the
EXACT same movie with three different start points to three devices at the same time with no drops, no stutter, perfect every time. You should be on a gig network, with all gig switches, router etc. If you are, try pulling the bdmv folder out of the iso into a folder and play that. Not all streamers play nice with iso’s. No offense, but if your serious about streaming full blu’s, the Neo tv ain’t the device. Try a Dune or Popcorn hour for the best playback. You can find out about streamers on this forum:
There’s some useful info there, hope this helps…

Thanks for the advice and will check out the other media streamers. I am running a gig network and can play BD ISO files but just not BD ISOs where I can get access to the menu. The Netgear NeroTV 550 is the only streamer I am aware of that has full BD ISO menu functionality. The reason this is important is that besides the special features, I would also like to be able to select the Hi Def sound codec to be played. The NeroTV has it all but the the Ethernet network connection is not fast enough and so therefore the video stutters badly. BTW, I also use the WD Media HUB and it plays the BD ISO files but again no menu support. Thanks, Deman

I can confirm problems between the NTV550 and the Drobo FS. I got typical speeds around 10 Mbits/s on cat6 which is ridicolous.

The Drobo streams to four other devices in full BD-HD without stuttering. (Dvico Tvix 6600n and three Win7 computers).

However the problem is solved. The Netgear NTV550s network card stopped working - so it is now in the trash.

Cheap plastic, should have known better.

Got mine streaming to the ps3

I’m streaming 720 or 1080p rips to my computers x3 and one ipAd. Have same issues with stuttering until I tried streaming via http. This allows the player on the iPad to buffer unlike the afp app I was using. Stuttering went away when streaming via the browser/lightpd

i am having the same problem with SOME hd movies. Some stream perfectly, where as others stutter really badly. Has nothing to do with the size of the file either

Are you streaming using a simple protocol like SMB/AFP/NFS or are you using some fancy server like fuppes or minidlna? If you are using a server it could be a problem of transcoding.

It isnt through a server. It is a simply through a network share, using a WD TV Live to play the file

Yeah, I get that too with my WD TV Live. My conclusion so far has been that it is the fault of the network and/or the WD TV, since my WD TV is connected using power line ethernet (which hasn’t been that reliable for me). Anyways, usually if I stop and restart the movie it stops stuttering, which to me means the problem isn’t at the Drobo.

It does seem to be sporadic and worse since the latest WD firmware upgrade and only ever seems to happen to a film that I really want to watch.

Mine is plugged straight into the switch so there shouldnt be any problems with the transfer

Isn’t Murphy a son of a b*tch? :smiley:

Hmm, it may not be of much comfort to you, but I’m glad that my Ethernet over power lines adaptors are working fine then. :slight_smile:

Anyway, if you google for “WD TV live stuttering”, you’ll find lots and lots of links from the WD forums. This one in particular suggests that SMB shares are a bottleneck on the WD TV (which sounds odd to me), and that maybe remuxing the files would help (i.e., no need to recode, just a different interleaving of video/audio – sound more plausible, but has the inconvenience factor of having to ‘fix’ the file first).

Funny thing is that in that thread the NAS is from QNAP, which seems to really point towards media players being at fault, and not the NAS devices.

A little bit further googling indicates that it also happens to Synology devices, and that their support claims that WD TV live chokes on anything encoded higher than 50 Mbps. YMMV.

Just for interest’s sake. Last night I converted one of the .mkv files (that I was having big problems with stuttering) to .m2ts and, although I havent watched the whole film, it seems to have solved the problem.

It isnt ideal having to do this but I am assuming that this would indicate the problem is at the media player end and not the FS end? However, the FS does seem to be working overtime when the .mkv file is being played[hr]
Just for interest’s sake. Last night I converted one of the .mkv files (that I was having big problems with stuttering) to .m2ts and, although I havent watched the whole film, it seems to have solved the problem.

It isnt ideal having to do this but I am assuming that this would indicate the problem is at the media player end and not the FS end? However, the FS does seem to be working overtime when the .mkv file is being played