Anyone have one of these yet?

If anyone has a b810n I’d love to hear some early feedback on it. I need to make a decision before the end of the year and there’s very little information on this out there.

Setting one up now. So far so good! :slight_smile:
Don’t get excited when you see the DroboApps and Crashplan. Installing Crashplan on it is a total hack.

Drobo states the b810n has a quad-core Marvell processor with 2GB of RAM. Have you tried running Plex on this machine and does it transcode video without issue. I currently have a Drobo5N and it does not transcode video at all. I was hoping for a successor to the 5N with plenty of processing power, similar to those of QNAP. Any info or experience on this would be great, before I pony up on the cost; also considering to wait.

I just installed drobo B810n and configure users and networks. Drobo be 5 8 TB hard drives and two 250 GB SSD for speed. Now works with many Windows and Macs, about 30 users. All access without problems. And very quick to view, copy and record info. I’m excited about this. Everything perfect today.

I can’t copy data to my B810n, I get constant “unix user\root” errors from within windows…!
I am logged in as the admin user with read access and I am the administrator on the windows 7 pc.

hi creaciones16bits, can i check which 8TB drives you are using please?
are they smr archive (shingled) drives?

Hello Paul. I use 5 units of 8 TB WD Red. I’ve been copying information network for several days, up to 20 TB with no problem. why ask about 8TB units?

ah thanks for the info, it was just to check because the SMR ones have not been recommended for use yet due to the way they work.