Anyone has the problem of drobo with airport base station

Hi, I wonder if anyone has the same problem as mine.
I have an apple extreme base station (wireless router), which has USB port on the back and it allows users to plug into usb to share.

I had a 2nd generation drobo with 3*1TB hard drive inside, (2 1TB samsung+1 TB WD Green), when I try to plug into the back of airport extreme base station, it automatically restarted twice, the symptom is the indicator light becomes red and it stopped work while I stream a video from drobo through the base station.

I do not know whether this is normal or not, but my drobo is so loud that the fan kicks in every 5 minutes even when I am in standby mode.

I am using Mac OSX Snow Leopard and I really hope that the drobo support team can help me out. I did tons of research before I bought drobo now it turns out that it is not so great.

When I plug drobo into my computer through a firewire 800 port, I can not even concentrate because the fan is noisy and it happened every 5 to 10 minutes.

If any of the drobo support team person saw my message, please send me an email. You can use the email that I registered.

Please help if you can. Thanks.

Please open a support case.

Thank you. I tried the link but it does not work out for me. Do you need me to call the support or something?

Not sure how the link does not work for you.
Works for me.

Or you can call, that’s why I post our number in my signature. :smiley:

I’m not sure if you just called in, but could you please call back and OPEN a support case with the tech rep you get on the phone?

The person who answers the phone is the tech you need to work with and all techs can help you.

Or create a tech support login and create a case online.