Anyone ever see a development unit?

Yes, that’s a regular 4 bay drobo. Notice the strange presence of an ethernet port? Anyone know anything about these?

Any info would be appreciated.

it could just be that they were testing the logicial parts of the DroboFS and using a regular drobo as th beyond raid part of it - thats what i would do :slight_smile:

Negative…this is coming directly from Drobo support, it’s definitely a development box.

And how exactly what Docchris said contradicts your assumption? :wink:

When Drobo tells you it’s a development box, and not a testing box for a DroboFS platform (and I did ask that question specificially), that’s pretty conclusive to me. To be an assumption is would have to be based on conjecture, which my statement was not.

Doesn’t the development process include (or at least should include) a hell lot of a testing? :wink: Oh, whatever, EOT from my side.

Maybe instead of trolling and with the inability to add anything useful…all I’m saying is silence is a virtue.

Maybe. Luckily, it’s not up to you to decide… junior :wink: It keeps to amaze me how it’s usually the first time posters who created an account 5 minutes ago most keen on accusing others of trolling and telling them to shut up.

it amazes me how people who frequent a site think they know everything. Got news for ya “junior” I’ve been in this business longer than you’ve been alive.

Furthermore, I didn’t tell you to shut up, you came to that conclusion on your own. Guilty conscience?

I’m finished with that pointless conversation.

that unit looks funky in the picture - looks like the back engine of the Roger Young spaceships from starshipTroopers too :slight_smile:

And the trolls have come out from under their bridges… I’m the guy who sold the drobo to trav, I got it and a lot of 3 other drobos from ebay a while back. His I believe is a very early unit because it has an aftermarket LED fan. One of the ones I got is more similar to a version 1 drobo and works fine except for the 4th bay not liking a drive in it during startup but afterwards is fine. The other 3 (including trav’s unit) all have the ethernet port. He has gotten his running using drobo-utils of which he then informed me how to get one of my other 2 units updated and running flawlessly. The one unit was just too far gone, powered up but would connect then disconnect from the computer every 1 second out of 60. The non-functional unit had mostly good drive doors while the working unit had busted doors and no front fascia so I swapped the motherboards and replaced some of the doors on the good case.

More info on the units: The working one is serial number 54 and the other is 58, apparently they were used as movie transfer burn in units and also show tremendous wear on the drive slots which might explain the broken doors. The now resurrected unit is getting a rattlecan gloss white paint job on just the sheet metal case and will become my primary unit. The test date on the tags is in the year 2006

Continued use of that BETA unit could result in data loss. It is not a supported product. Use it at your own risk.

i bet they are reactively slow too - compared to newer drobos with faster processors