Anyone else avoiding updated firmware and dashboard software?

I may be way off base here, but after reading all of the horror stories about firmware updates and Dashboard’s updates being “DroboCopy” oriented, I’m skipping as many updates as I can.

I’m considering Drobo’s dashboard and firmware updates like I consider BIOS updates. “Unless there is a specific bug that is specifically fixed, don’t upgrade.”

Dashboard 1.6.8 and Firmware 1.3.5.

Dashboard 1.7.3 is working fine for me and added the name of the Drobo to email notifications. That was a pretty good feature add for me.

I think I’m on firmware 1.3.6 because I installed advanced format WD drives in one of my Drobos and I like to have the same firmware on all units, rather than a mix.

I’m with you dpuett, I don’t upgrade unless I see a need for it…and then only after seeing how well it works for the other users.

I try not to upgrade Dashboard, it’s too painful - disconnecting Drobos, rebooting computer, etc.

Paradoxically firmware updates seem much less intrusive - the Drobo gets the firmware, the Drobo reboots, and I’m back to normal.