Any way to know if Drobo Repair is still running?


I ran into an issue where the knowledge base article advised to run the Drobo Repair within the control panel. I did this and got the pop up stating that it was started successfully but since then there is no indication that it’s running or doing anything. It would be really nice if there was a progress meter included in the control panel or at the least a pop up that showed the current activity state. For the time being though, how can you tell if it’s running or just hung? Of course I want to let it repair correctly but since it’s been running for two days (I can only suppose) I just would like to know if there’s some way of telling that it is still running. I know the warning said it could take 6 days but my storage was less than 1/3 full and I’m just wondering how long it should take.

Anywhere we can request that they add a simple progress meter for this?