Any way to back up Drobo configuration?

Is there any way to backup the configuration of a drobo in case it fails and we have to replace it? It would be amazing if we could swap them out and upload a config file like most appliances.

Any ideas? Or are we stuck having to reconfigure everything during a disaster?

if you have setup a drobo and it has data on it too, then generally speaking, if the chassis breaks and you can get a replacement, then it should be able to accept the existing diskpack before being powered on.

(there is a migration process to follow such as here)

for some of the nas models or business models, there are some other replication processes which don and others will know more about, as there can be more things to configure there than the das ones…

Sorry I should have been more specific. I meant the IP address, iSCSI, mounting info, etc. So people’s network shortcuts to the data could remain unbroken in the event of a replacement. Is this possible?

hi, thanks for that,
im not sure exactly which model you have, but i think there is a way via replication.

hopefully someone else will be able to provide some more info for you, though in the meantime please have a look here at one of dons posts which is what makes me think there is a kind of way to do that: