Any feedback on WD RED NAS 10TB 5400RPM?For a 5N

I’ve had previously problems with SMR drives from Seagate althought it was Archive edition.
And I’m currently looking for 10TB drives to do one last updagre to a Drobo 5N, I’m looking at my options, used to be on top of this but atm not sure how it stands on SMR drives vs Drobo.

The model I’m looking at is the WD101EFAX.According to WD info is a CMR drive:

IronWoldfPRO is also an option, acording to Seagate none have SMR:

ATM here RedPro seems to be out of stock on my usual supliers.

But I rather have slower and stable.

Does anyone have any feed back on using this drive on a Drobo? I feel I should be ok, I dont really need speed, its mostly for archival and be accessed once in a while, but with this large disks I would like to have to peace of mind and minimize my chances of going trough the stress of having several days rebuild.

Any feed back appreciated.

You should never ever use SMR drives with Drobo (Maximum Volume Size and Largest Size Drive).

The WD RED 10TB should indeed be CMR:

The “standard” Reds I believe are discontinued. Newer models will have names like Red Plus or Red Pro.

I am using the previous generation WD100EFAX in my Drobo 5N2 and it’s working perfectly for me.

I hope that helps!



Tks, I learned the SMR lesson the hard way a few years ago when it debuted on Seagate Archive 8TB (or maybe it was 6TB cant remember).At the time it was still very fresh and was around the same time Drobo published the warnings about SMR but I went trought 2 disks several reformats and disk checks before realizing it. The landscape changed a bit so that’s why I’m asking.Thanks for sharing, I’m more relieved to use it knowing someone didn’t experience problems.

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