Any feedback from 5N2 owners?

Hi All,

Has anyone gone from the 5N to the 5N2? Any feedback? Real world speed improvements? Has anyone gotten the dual Ethernet bonded ports to work? I’ve only read about people having problems with it so far…

Would love to hear more. The reviews on YouTube only talk about THEORETICAL speed improvements. They aren’t real world…

  • Thanx!
  • Jon

hi jon,
you may have seen this particular post, though there was a recent post where changing a different variable (such as a different router or link) seemed to do the trick for calji as far as i understood it:

(maybe trying with another router or cabling even just as a test, could possibly yield some better results for you too?)

Hey jbauer,

I started with the 5N but only used it for a couple of weeks before the 5N2 launched. I returned the 5N for the 5N2 for the dual ports and “new improvements”. So my experience with the 5N was limited but I can say I have seen transfer speed improvements. I’ve been a lucky owner in the fact that I’ve not experienced many of the issues found in the forums (probably because I’m a young Drobo user and didn’t migrate my disk pack).

  1. Real world speed improvements? Absolutely. Especially with multiple reads/writes. Mine is used as a Plex repository and photo editing library for the misses. (and other random junk)

  2. Port bonding was an issue at first. This is all dependent on your switch. If you use a consumer type router/switch you should be fine. However, if you’re a prosumer like myself (with a home lab to play with tech) the Drobo doesn’t necessarily play nice with enterprise class switches.

  3. Problems? The only one I have is not having a second to use the sync feature.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the feedback!

Still trying to decide if I’m gonna take the plunge…

I also use it for Plex, but since everything works perfectly with the 5N, I’m debating if the speed improvement is even worth it… (I wish they upgraded it enough so that transcoding was an option…)

  • Jon