Any experience with Paragon Software's NTFS-HFS converter ?

I’ve got a Drobo Gen 3 formatted with NTFS that I’ve been using with my Mac. I’d like to make it a HFS filesystem so I can use the Drobo with the Time Machine backup utility.

Paragon Software has a free NTFS to HFS conversion utility that looks like it’d be perfect for the job, but I’m a bit wary of using any kind of third party filesystem utility with my Drobo. Has anyone tried this? Anything to report?

Also, can anyone comment about whether my concern over filesystem utilities is warranted or is the Drobo’s interface to the computer truly robust enough to handle these unusual utilities? i.e. If a utility would be trustworthy enough to work with a conventional external drive should is it equally trustworthy to work with Drobo?

I figured I’d go to the source and ask Drobo Technical Support. For the record, here is their response:

In order to have the Drobo setup on a Mac system when its already be formatted for a PC, you will need to reset the Drobo back to factory defaults and set it up on the Mac.
You will need to have copied your data off previously as the reset will wipe out all data on the Drobo.
We do not support the use of Paragon on the Drobo as it can have issues with it.
It would be best to have your data saved in more than one location and not just on the Drobo as that would lead to the Drobo being a single point of failure.