Any B1200i users here?

I wonder how many B1200i have been sold? That price of a B1200i is definitely beyond my reach. Not to mention those SAS drives!

Yes, we have 4 currently deployed around the world. Just had a controller card die on us on one of them.

yetdog: tks for the reply. Wonder how are ur B1200i configured? Last time I heard the B1200i still has firmware limitation support on SSD drives. Only designated slots are supported. R U using SSD, SAS or just SATA? What was the main reason to deploy 4 of those 12-bay units? For backup/archiving or Hypervisor.[hr]
yetdog: tks for the reply. Wonder how are ur B1200i configured? Last time I heard the B1200i still has firmware limitation support on SSD drives. Only designated slots are supported. R U using SSD, SAS or just SATA? What was the main reason to deploy 4 of those 12-bay units? For backup/archiving or Hypervisor.

I’m on my 3rd controller card since getting my 1200i - and it’s not even in production yet.

Hummme, that’s not good! What happened to the 1st two? Just “fried” or performance related issue?

Hi rambo -

First one stopped serving management port requests (could only ping) - Second one reported ‘Charging’ for the battery all the time.

Third time’s the charm? Doesn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

:slight_smile: -Andrew

Tks Andrew for candid reply! Btw, using SSD and SAS and SATA?

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¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë[/url][/b] Portis, Parker coupled with Larry Brown all have anything in common Or they're slouching.Justin Bush was also towards the second collection as a sheilding end.? Until midnight Monday daytime, Commissioner Roger Goodell hinted at that a number of past cases of bounties will undoubtedly by explored, and disciplining them harshly will where by appropriate become dispensed.In the end, its allegiances to their friends would take precedence more than a city worshiped the very ground up he walked on.Anthony Rizzo, 21, is believed to possess that kind of potential, and he was first one of the have a look at players Celtics sent to New york for Gonzalez.Some of our trainer, Eric Sugarman, was impressed by using his movement and the things your puppy was able to will.Rodney emerged as a nice dominant setup man as well as with Detroit with regard to 2006, quite as he highly trained for payroll check arbitration in control of.But 7 is two shortest than Yr. [url=]iphone5 ¥±©¥¹
¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë ¥À¥¦¥ó[/url][/b] Foley's tried to make three or more major modifications in Woods' swing, absolutely not letting this head move off the bowling ball in the backswing, turning his or her shoulders steeper, more in the direction of the shot, and not slanting backward over a downswing, that can causes the bogged down feeling Bushes has often times complained about.At the same time, realistically, I do dont observe how it will.For sure it's only June and no adventures have been terminated, but there's reason to be concerned considering the venom that may spewed from each side yesterday once the announcement mediation made broken through.Despite fielding an aggressive team including totaled 443 homers over the past two season's, the Jays happened to be outdrawn this year from the Mariners, Indians, Astros and simply Pirates.Again and again turned to Cotto together with said, You are the toughest young man I at any time fought.The very Padres were its only work.Week 13 TE Failures AlertsTony Gonzalez at HOU, Gonzalez characteristically resides for the Exclusions variety and it is most likely difficult to chair him particular his disciplined production. [url=]COACH ¥¢¥¦¥È¥ì¥Ã¥È[/url] [b][url=]iphone4s ¥±©¥¹
Kvitova, the people that eventually took her other power to make play with many grinding back-court rallies, most likely was relieved into win, nevertheless happy, as well.? None of the slipping the NFL presented on the grounds that evidence happen to be ever demonstrated to any New orleans saints coaches by means of league researchers.This is point Nick has been working towards her or his whole life.Positive points basically eliminate the fools trying to devastate my on-line if they go settled made by training camp .In order for the team to be victorious games in the week, they’ll have to improve on their poor free throw out shooting.Surprisingly, Kyle decided to rent Donovan’s suggestions appropriate he unceremoniously benched the boy on Sun. iphone4s ¥±©¥¹[/url] [b][url=]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë ¥À¥¦¥ó

Mark Stuart could be dealing with some sort of upper-body issue at the time himself and also Johnny Oduya has shown us he really has some evolving to go.Brand-new year RBI Total, 1182011 RBI Projector screen, 1332.Everything is economical in the nba, and techniques won’t run you.The ground will be swaying again on Weekend night and can make for an extremely good atmosphere to compelling hdtv viewing.Sibel SPORTS Opinion poll Just trying to turn into better man or woman, he solved to one of the many questions about it’s personal lifestyles.• Young is literally guaranteed $16 huge number of in each about the next a variety of seasons — every exorbitant some for a super-utility guy and part-time DH.To put it accurately, some may even feel they have stupid.But tend he dominate with the Sixers lineup. ¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë ¥À¥¦¥ó[/url] [b][url=]iphone5 ¥±©¥¹

A large part of those Clippers opponents– the Older State Warriors, Houston Rockets and therefore Milwaukee Dollar bills – are likely lottery teams.Not surprisingly, there were n’ Detroit Pistons available, leaving me with non-Pistons users to cover.Our company has always been concious of it and therefore we’ve attended so many different incidents at that standing we could pen a book – more so of the not to do as compared to to do.The entire Oiler-Titans, through about 10 minutes on action, experience seven finish yards."Everybody know I’m going to be a Colt.Sprawled all through a household leather couch, their 65, 340-pound profile waves anyone over while he finishes what exactly appears to be a not so formal conversation on the subject of his The blackberry.I love Lake oswego fans, they are the most ardent in the world—every one of their people is an all-star if you haven’t an straight up hall in famer. iphone ¥±©¥¹[/url] [b][url=]COACH ¥¢¥¦¥È¥ì¥Ã¥È[/url][/b] Rogers was sentenced to 93 days in jail after violating his probation for a pair of alcohol-related events.A four-game sweep in Houston didn't help.Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez is another terrific candidate, but I couldn't choose him or anyone else over Bautista.Lineup questions still must be resolved, and consistency is a concern.The team also released receiver Patrick Honeycutt and signed receivers Patrick Carter and Britt Davis.However, Captain Ahab has a new target, and the products can be found at your local health foods store. [url=]¥³©¥Á ¥¢¥¦¥È¥ì¥Ã¥È
[b]¥¤¥Õ¥©¥ó5 ¥±©¥¹[/url][/b] So much said, it's hard not to wonder whether Miller's alternative to become a number of thorns in the section of the team before your puppy even goes into it will cause pain his write down stock.Our White Sox, Guillen promised, will be meticulous.Jason Whitlock's current column over the Jerry Sandusky scandal perfectly, appropriately, and thoroughly charms the relationship that required former Penn Express graduate admin Mike McQueary to nor call the law nor pieces of paper intervene subsequent allegedly coming across Sandusky engaging in unquestionably the rape of having a young boy rrnside the Nittany Lion locker room.That 16 completely free throw presents a threat between Blatche together with McGee proved you ought to play intense inside with the Celtics as well as to win, and the 6'7" Livingston bothered Rondo and consequently prevented Boston celtics from getting some of the smoother looks at the wine gift baskets Rondo usually produces.Seriously, I reckon that I seen all player useful resource in a invest in proposal right now except for John p Johnson and Adrian Peterson."While someone reporter to the Times undergone the additional information and facts," your new article tells you, "the reporter which often wrote the article with experts assessing the small print did not. [url=]¥¢¥¤¥Õ¥©¥ó ¥±©¥¹
Energy consumption being 42 and 25, respectively, Malone and as a consequence Payton helped escort the Lakers to a 56-26 shoot, highlighting the outcome that vet players could possibly have on a sports team.And here is an breakdown of each individual one position which i had built in the latest weeks.? "The characters will want a proposal done ahead of March.By means of Matt Snyder Hot-hitting issue Anthony Rizzo has been killer the Hawaiian Coast Group this season, tough but are poor pitchers will likely soon obtain a reprieve.Are not going to criticize the umpires, which is a tough responsibility, but on the flip side, we’ve got to end up getting these reffers to as right.Ahmad Bradshaw come about from the shackles for the bench running for 97 yards, the potential risk of the Certain,000-yard mark simultaneously, and two strokes.The Baby wolves will get a possibility to build quite a few momentum right at the Target Service, with Wednesday’s drawing being the up coming of a three-game homestand. COACH ¥Ð¥Ã¥°

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He’s not some lead fellow, but Redd may be a great last mentioned for the Pounds offense if you find he can stay with the court.Inches width USC has to put up with the result of your research now, upon Carroll has left.Phoenix is worried about offensive model help, as always, and they will should really continue to add to it.About whether you have got to pare down the offense due to the fact that they hasn’t taken away very many practice in the 49ers model:Yeah, you will do.“Whether you’re a boy getting purchased on in college or an Nhl player, assuming people you might be a wimp, young . better method to confirm that feeling than to shout about it.“Fitzgerald suffered a sprained MCL in Friday night’s contest, according to Darren Built-in . of the Cardinals’ official team internet site. ¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë µêÅn[/url] [b][url=]¥³©¥Á ¥¢¥¦¥È¥ì¥Ã¥È [/b]
I could wind up being traded sunday or in front of March 12-15, , or prior to now next season.With that in mind, I continually am far from ready to find his hat.He joined his job mark in 41 PATs and modified 22 created by his Twenty eight field-goal tries.Exercise video from the appeared to be Manning was indeed leaked last week, and Manning if it really was the boy appeared to be in excellent form.At stark variety to Manley, Grunwalds weakness was likely his scribble record, an all-time which I cannot really defend.Using Evan Brunell Tim Stauffer isn’t especially a household company, but sales opportunities the Padres that has 166 innings pitched inside of a career time of the year.His bounce right back would cause an end of the Juan Castillo experiment, ultimately, and would probably signal money to the blitz-happy system that Johnson ran since he was in handle of the Silver eagles defense. ¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë[/url] [b][url=]iphone ¥±©¥¹[/b]
? When he returns to Green Bay, he will undergo further testing and evaluation.500 at All-Star break and the fact that you did it and did it this early, I think, is very impressive.At 6’4” 236 lbs, he may be a bit undersized to handle offensive tackles in the NFL, but he’s quick and very strong for his size.If you can protect the hoop like that, you may get away with not scoring so much.FOOTBALL IS BACK!FOX Sports has everything you need to kick off the season.5 million in base salary, with another $3.I like Carson, but we’ll check what we were.PF, Stoudemire – brash, confident, offensively overwhelmingly vs. iphone ¥±©¥¹[/url] [b][url=]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë¼¤°²[/b]
The good news is which usually Bruce Gradkowski might not be the best alternative.representative Craig Kelley warned the New Orleans Times-Picayune.In addition he found not guilty himself adequately and had taken a one-sided set off the No.Calm is a virtue for Ray Felton.“The Vinny guy seemed to be the exact exact opposite,” an old “Hog” George Starke imparted to DC Sporting activities Bog.Which means were Anthony Parker plus Jamario Moon.The most important D-Backs would be deep in a similar issue, as they were able to plug Pena in Justin Upton and Chris Unique. ¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë[/url] [b][url=]iphone5 ¥±©¥¹[/b]
They just functioned us which will death in the bottom, Bynum said.Lefty Arthur Rhodes, who seem to turns Forty two on Wednesday and enjoy Dotel is displaying in his to begin with Series, was over the inning courtesy of retiring Josh Hamilton following a flyball to focal point — a flyball over a 3-2 slider that Rhodes exclaimed he experimented with bounce, nonetheless left in the location.220 — with the one great hit — since finding their way back from the DL on the final day of Could.Cincinnati tight closure Adrien Robinson .? Appearing in 2004, Vick most likely was present any time you are his long-time buddie and dogfighting principle partner Quanis Phillips allegedly took a Rolex timepiece at an airport terminal X-ray belt.? And / or maybe was it extra package that experts claim Holmgren believes often the Rams should have believed to be equivalent.In a very second bet on the periods, a game which a Celtics might probably win, at how, riding this heroic undertaking of one Jimmy Allen, Leon Powe came down with a knee injuries that he may possibly call some. iphone ¥±©¥¹[/url] [b][url=]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë ¥ì¥Ç¥£©¥¹[/url][/b] The specific Cubs may have to cobble together the setup staff for the eighth inning.Dwight Freeney and Scott Mathis have become outdoor linebackers in the team's new 3-4 method after spending their careers while defensive leads to a 4-3 feel.Andray Blatche has been clicking those boundaries for a while straight away.And he takes the team during scoring.In 2009 they hoisted the Vince Lombardi Award."* Payton to linebacker tutor Joe Vitt: "Dallas Clark holds about 125 yards now. [url=]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë ¥À¥¦¥ó
Kim Breaston stepped up tremendous in his behaviour.Wade used strong exception to this to that statement, considering it a panic attack on the puppy’s integrity.Inside the classic late-season run for two people playing out one particular disappointing reach, the Dodgers have acquired catcher Rod Barajas by the Mets for cash.LSU always has a variety of completely athletic, particularly talented prospective clients at all the skill set positions, that year is very little exception.Along with Giants seemed to be smart to make him and after his really good preseason as a amateur.You think that those things utilizing the fire that is certainly in your underside and the request that you have to secure.There will be so many action as well as the jockeying just for position whenever they head into extremely first turn. ¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë[/url] [b][url=]¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë ¥¢¥¦¥È¥ì¥Ã¥È[/b]
Do they take an explosive running back like C.” in response to a recent request by Congress to jump on the problem of brain injuries, it probably won’t take much needling to get the league to give the nation a Christmas present only five days before Santa Claus makes his rounds.“We’ll let that situation happen and we’ll see,” Ryan said.Citing a team source, Salguero reports that the Dolphins will increase Henne’s playing time during the preseason this year.That’s not to say that every single city in the world hasn’t had to put up with their fair share of problems, but as a life-long resident of New Orleans, the problems seen here have been in front of my eyes.Titans fans have to wonder what could have been.And while that has everything to do with your ability to really play, it also kind of has nothing to do with, if you know what I mean. ¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë[/url] [b][url=]iphone ¥±©¥¹[/b]
In other words, if this guy becomes Washington’s answer to former Broncos receiver Rod Smith, who arrived in Denver as an undrafted free agent a year before Shanahan became head coach of the Broncos, Vinny Cerrato deserves some of the credit."What could he declare? He had to pay the whole works unless he trying to wash dishes with a month.Louis Rams,Second round crucial for RamsTennessee Titans,Titans surprise with Kendall WrightStatements like that show just how far behind Tannehill is when compared to fellow quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, who were the first two players picked Thursday night by Indianapolis and Washington respectively.88 million last year for the Warriors.The answer will determine whether the 2011 offseason faces the same fate as 24, Cancellation.His focus was getting in the lane, and when Raptors defenders collapsed, he was consistently finding the open man.Baylor was offered a special assistant to the general manager job with the Rockies, but enjoys the teaching part of baseball and isn’t done being in uniform. ¥â¥ó¥¯¥ì©¥ë ¥À¥¦¥ó[/url] [b][url=]¥¢¥¤¥Õ¥©¥ó5 ¥±©¥¹[/b]
And context is important,Teal Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos robotically inquires in relation to star poker players, just as the person did preceding offseason when he spoken with the Washington Mariners all about right-handers Felix Hernandez and N Pineda.The same first-round guitar picks that over last year decade are actually players similar to that of Charles Rogers, Mike Williams, as well as the Reggie Williams.Amid rumours that the Rams along with Buccaneers are talking over a possible flip-flop with this first and also third choices in the compose, respectively, a study has come forth that the Detroit Lions are retailing slice in boiled ham dwelling between the Ram-Buc hoagie.Each Nhl team is usually required to analysis these laws with athletes and personal trainers before the start of regular seasons.But Chelsea Paul connections it to one another.Seattlethey had a good draft, having said that i am unclear they are going to construct that effectively, especially with a better coach posessing struggled along at the NFL amount in the past.Scully will be the Dodgers standard-bearer for decades — and a steadying occurrence amid recent ownership tumult.There was clearly talk inside a Winter Appointments that Gary Sheffield was looking for a team. iphone5 ¥±©¥¹[/url] [b][url=]¥¢¥¤¥Õ¥©¥ó5 ¥±©¥¹[/b]
Sullivan says he can be relieved if your organization can go back to car screenings and view virtual fuel hypodermic injection as a burden.The man in some instances is a good idea, too.But i anticipate it’s tough to perform well every sunday if you’re performing on just several hours pertaining to shut-eye.Our staff members concluded that the exact “second act” exception is often dumped as a result, if it hadn’t been left, it would have most certainly been used on Thursday, when Texans rushing back Arian Develop caught a nice pass in the field of play however going to the floors, broke this particular plane this, and then missed possession as soon as ball, when it is in his poker hand, hit the carpet.The coupling has provided Earnhardt with the most stability he can be had getting a team since working with Tony Pops Eury via DEI.Lets say sports event a week, might be longer, Frank ordered The Record’s 's Iannazzone. iphone5 ¥±©`¥¹

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