Any 4 TB drives that will work?

Just curious - has anyone found any 4 TB drives that will fit into a mini? All the ones I can find are 15mm or more, and won’t fit.

No-one? Guess this is a fairly boring topic. Or maybe such a thing does not exist.

Maybe a different query - what would you consider to be the best/biggest drives for a mini available currently?

I have only found 2TB. I have not seen any 2.5 4TB hard drives. I do wish WD would come out with a RED 2.5 HD that is bigger than 1 TB.

hi there is a page here which was updated recently:

the largest 2.5in i have seen on sale so far has been 5TB so it may just be that newer firmwares support larger capacities of drives, but am not sure of the exact measurement requirements that would fit a drobo mini.

(it may be worth double checking with them first before buying, just in case, though it seems to show support for the mini for larger drives, and it could be that they cant openly recommend certain drives but could be able to respond to certain customer requests… for example, i had to essentially spend a fair amount of time playing 20 Questions, or playing Sherlock Holmes with nikon support, to get them in a round about way to help me identify a good reliable and compatible memory card for my coolpix camera) sandisk and still going strong :slight_smile:

The mini only fits drives that are 11mm thick or less. There are lots of drives that are bigger than 2TB, but I’ve not found any that actually fit, hence my original question. I remember seeing a youtube video with someone setting up a mini with 4 4TB drives, but can’t find it again - would love to find out what he was using.

hi i had a look and at first several drives were showing up on the web but then upon closer inspection they were about 15mm in thickness. it may be some more time before newer and larger (smaller) drives are made, but if you havent already tried reaching out to sales/support it might be worth a go in the meantime too, in case there were any particular models internally tested that you could then subsequently search for.

(when i was looking for wd green drives a while back, they suddenly became extremely rare, at least in the uk, so if you pardon the expression, until you manage to find some drives that fit, you may be sduck with the larger ones) :slight_smile: