Another new issue with Big Sur 11.1 update today

I have both a Drobo 5D3 and a Drobo 8D, both connected via Thunderbolt 3 and got them working again after the problems of the initial Big Sur GA release. Today the 11.1 update was available and I upgraded. As soon as the Mac rebooted, I immediately got an error dialog with a big Stop Sign with an exclamation point and the text “macOS can’t repair the disk Drobo 5D3 (my name for it). You can still open or copy files on the disk, but you can’t save changes to files on the disk. Back up the disk and reformat it as soon as you can.” I tried connecting the 5D3 by USB but that didn’t fix it, so it may not be a Thunderbolt 3 problem this time. I am running Drobo Dashboard 3.5.2 and 4.2.1 firmware. It seems to be a coincidence to me that problems on both Drobos appeared at the exact time I updated to Big Sur 11.1. Also, the system and drive status of both Drobos show Good - no internal problems.

Any thoughts?


Well, I do have some sympathy with Drobo here, & I’m sure their devs find early reports of issues useful.

However personally, & knowing there are already issues with Big Sur, I’d be holding off on updates & giving the devs at Drobo chance to deal with any fallout, they don’t get anything from Apple in advance of anyone else, or engineering details of what Apple may have done this time.

As a strategy for reliable access to data stored on a Drobo, pouncing on all updates as soon as available seems a poor one.

My Drobo hasn’t mounted since Big Sur update even with 3.52.

I’ve just done the Big Sur 11.1 update and it still didn’t mount despite green lights on the front.

Fortunately most of my Drobo storage is a copy of my Dropbox.

Update. Drobo Tech Support believed it sounded like File System corruption on the 5D3 and sent this article:

Disk Utility did not fix the problem, but Disk Warrior did. Disk Warrior is pricey, but priceless when it can repair an otherwise damaged disk.

Note that the article states something of which I had been previously unaware. They say you should not leave the Drobo powered on and connected to the computer during an upgrade of the OS. That is exactly the situation I encountered this time, although I can’t count the number of times I’ve upgraded macOS with the Drobo connected. You can be sure I’ll disconnect it in the future during OS upgrades.

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I just downloaded Big Sur. Updated the most recent firmware and dashboard for my Drobo 5D. I can control the Drobo via the dashboard, but cannot see or access the drives.

Just to add another datapoint, have a 5d (DRDR5A21), Upgraded from 10.13.6 to 11.1 on a 2015 MBP 15". Drobo Firmware 4.1.3[7.196.105954], Dashboard 3.5.2. Had TB connection working for a day or so, but the drives disconnected at some point, could not get Dashboard to see it again, no Drobo volumes mounted. Tried USB connection after a reboot of everything, Dashboard found the device and the volumes mounted. I was able to run a backup and thought things were fine, but overnight, the volumes got un-mounted and Dashboard no longer finds the Drobo again. This machine does not go to sleep, so it’s not related to waking up.

Positive update. My 5D3 is now working perfectly after assistance from Drobo support. If you still have a problem on Big Sur I recommend logging a case directly.