Annoyance with new drobo dashboard 1.8.4

Drobo dashboard 1.8.4 is a pain.

I have been troubleshooting why my network drives began to disappear… and have now worked out. The new dashboard 1.8.4 seems to work slightly annoyingly.

I have 5 network drives that get mapped to my drobo-fs with specific drive letters via windows (I cant see a way to assign drive letters to shares in the drobo dashboard)

however my windows useraccount and drobo-fs use synced passwords, so it just presents the windows username and password and works fine.

However now the drobo dashboard has its own way of authing to the drobo as a different user if required (also able to do this through windows) so it likes to drop my network drives and want me to tick them in the drobo dashboard to be mounted… but if i do this they get different letters…

Anyone else got a solution? I dont recall ever having this fault in the older dashboard.
I could disable the drobo dashboard, but then i cant add shares etc.

I’ve never used the drobo dash for adding shares. I just use the old school way that works with no issues… a simple script using the “net use” command where you specify your username and password if needed. Works everytime.

I also use the “net use” command. However, if I start the latest version of the dashboard, and restart my computer at any point, it deletes my shared drives. If I try to remap my shares, I often get something about the shares being in use, at which point I have to “net use /del” the shares and re-add them. This latest db sucks…