Amule via Debian on Sheevaplug

Installed Debian Squeeze on Sheevaplug development kit.
Installed Amule.

Set \IPDrobo\Public\folder for incoming
Set \IPDrobo\Public\folder for temp

When I connect to it via network tool in Debian, I can immediately find the Drobo but when I give in the shares in Amule I don’t receive an error message but the files do not get picked up ie Amule says I don’t share files and that there are no temp files present.

What am I doing wrong?
Something to do with protocols, maybe completely unrelated to Drobo?

ok, so I installed smbfs, mounted Public share, now I get an error message from amule that the shares are too restrictive, I have no clue as to how I can safely ‘up’ the chmod on these (and now I do see all folders).
There is 100GB in temp map so I have to be careful :wink: