Am i a dummy? how do i upload files to drobo?

Just got started- the Dashboard works and the drives are formatted. This is so simple, right? How do I upload, or transfer, files from an external LaCie Drive to the DROBO?
Also, how do I do that with files on my iMac harddrive???

Open a new finder window and look for the DROBO Drive. Then open and drag files to it.

Okay, I’ve done that and it took about 12 hours. I guess I do the same from my imac files, or dropbox.
Can I connect an SD Card reader/( via thunderbolt 3 dock) directly to Drobo and have it read and load the image files??
thank you

Yes, do the same for other folders & documents. I think you can connect the SD Card reader directly to the DRBO but I’m not sure. You may need to connect directly to the computer.