Alternating Conflicting Warnings Popping Up

Hi, I have a drobo 5N, which was recently providing a warning that it had reached capacity. I replaced one drive with a larger capacity drive. After a couple of days of processing, I started getting continuous pop up messages appearing in my screen. The messages appear and then disappear continously, such that there is always a message showing.

The first is: “Red Alert. Drobo is critically low on capacity. Please add or replace a disk to increase the capacity.” This message appears when all disks are green except one (not the one I replaced) is red.

Within seconds, I get these two messages alternating: They appear when all five lights are alternating in coordination between green and red:

Blue “Drobo has completed rebuilding your data”, and
Orange “Data protection is in progress . . . .”

Any suggestions on how to address?

Thanks very much

hi dorothy,
can i check if the lights (on dashboard) and also on the main drobo unit, are still processing the rebuild?

(for example are the drive bay slot lights flashing/blinking yellow and green, which may possibly look like green and amber/red)

also can you remember how much data you have on the drobo, as this rebuild process can usually take about 1day per 1TB of data that you have…though getting lots of similar alternating messages is not usual.

I am having the same issue with my 5D. I received a Yellow warning to replace the very top drive even though I did not have that much data in there. Now I have 1-5TB drive plus 4-3TB drives in my 5D and I just got a red alert that my drive 2nd from the top is reading Red alert Drobo is critically low on Capacity even though my Mac Finder is saying I’ve only used up 2.9TB of my 8.8TB capacity

hi alex, is this similar to your other post here?
(i made the text the same size as your posting as initially thought you preferred a larger font, but can tweak it back down in case not)