All red lights

We have been running a Drobo on Mac with OS 10.4.11. The drobo has four 250GB drives. Everything was running fine for about a year until five days ago when we booted up (we are connected with USB) - the fan came on - it went through it’s normal boot process like it always does - then went to all red drive lights and we got an error that the computer could not read the drive - I went to disk utility and the Repair button isn’t even available - I downloaded Disk Warrior and tried that - still won’t recognize the drive. Could this be because we’ve run out of room? Or are we in real trouble? It’s not the USB cable - we’ve tested it on other equipment - any ideas? I requested help from Drobo - and got the return e mail saying someone would contact me - but it’s been four days. Thanks. All of our photography is backed up on the drobo!

i think all red is a temperature problem? (although i swear ive also seen it when i didnt connect the power properly)

personally i would leave it until you hear back from tech support - trying to “repair” anything runs the very real risk of doing further damage!

I hope that when you say you have all your photos "backed up " on there - you really do mean that the ones on drobo are backups - and you have the originals somewhere else!

@WParnell, sounds like you need to open a case with DR.