All red drives, next step

Sequence of events, 8 x 4TB drives, one drive failed. While waiting for the drive, tossed in a 2TB drive to see if that would help. Didn’t seem to rebuild, wanted it replaced right away. But was all green with a red replace me on the 2TB. All data was fin and accessible at this point. Lost connection to system, rebooted and all drives red and that is how it’s been.

Tried a few suggestions, power supply change, and now just did the Read only method. No change, it sees all the drives, none of them seem to be bad, but won’t come back. Is there some way to mark drives online? Is the RO mode supposed to just try things on its own that regular write mode does not?

Any suggestions from here? This should be recoverable, as it doesn’t appear to be any further hardware issues.

yes read only should be able to help - personally if it didn’t rebuild onto that 2tb drive, i’d remove it before trying RO

if RO doesn’t help you can always turn it off and be back to where you were

Already went into RO mode, no green lights. is there any way to figure out what it is failing on? All drives are visible, just refusing to do anything with it.

how long did you wait?

what happened in read only mode?

dashboard saw the drobo - but none of the disks?