All lit up green, but no access to Drobo FS

My Drobo FS can’t be seen, even though all the lights are green and blue.
The firmware and Dashboard are up to date.

When I turn the unit on, after a few seconds I get this screen:

After a double-click on the Drobo icon, I get taken here:

All looks good so far, then I get the message “Your Drobo is in the final stage of starting up. This will only take a few more seconds.”

Then after 5 minutes I get this screen telling me there are no Drobos detected.

What can I do about this?

What are the lights showing after the unit is no longer detected by the Drobo Dashboard?
Is the unit remained powered?

If the unit had shutdown or rebooted, check the light on the power brick whether it stays solid green or it is flickering / dimmed.
If it is the latter, try connecting it directly to a power source if not already. If the issue persists, it may have been a failing power supply unit.

The lights remain on and green and the power supply brick light remains green and constant.

I’d like to try a replacement PSU, but the official Drobo one is $100, which is an expensive experiment, but cheaper than the $299+courier fee Drobo want to repair the unit.

hi what happens if you click the discovery settings and manually specify an ip?

did you get some solution for the same? I am facing the same problem in my drobo fs after I installed minidlna. only difference is mine does not disappear. It is taking forever to appear. It shows on my TV (only as root though). I fear I might lose all my data if i decide to reformat the device.

mine never appears at all. what’s going on here?